Website Revisions

It’s been a while since our last site upgrade so it’s time to blow out the lint and tighten up the bolts. A few changes you may notice:

  • The “Meetings” page still has the same complete list of group meetings that you will also find in the “Meeting Guide” smart phone app. The “Events” page now has a calendar of other periodic and one-time events as well as a sidebar listing of upcoming speaker meetings.
  • If you need to request changes to your group’s information in Meetings you can now send a message directly from the group’s listing, using the “Request a change to this listing” button.
  • Several small pages about Portland Area Intergroup have been combined into the main Intergroup page – it didn’t seem to make sense, for example, to have a separate IGR page just for two download links
  • Notice the locked padlock icon in the browser address bar. This indicates that the site’s full address now includes “HTTPS” instead of the older “HTTP” – the added “S” means that your connection to the site now has the added security of using “Secure Socket Layers” encryption.
  • In keeping with recent trends in usage, the site is now designed for “mobile first” so it looks even better on smart phones.
  • We’ve added newsletter archives back to 2013 and will be adding new issues as they come out – check out the “Newsletter” page.
  • We’ve generally did a little straightening up so related items are grouped together instead of scattered about; hopefully you’ll have an easier time finding what you’re looking for.
  • We’re on a new server now for faster page loading because they use solid state storage and site caching (okay, that’s a little techie) – and the overall cost is significantly less.

As always, please send your events to be posted, as well as requests, comments, and questions to [email protected]. Thanks!

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