Suggestions for Enjoying Online Meetings

While we're all adjusting to the switch to online meetings, here are a few suggestions for getting extra enjoyment from them:

  1. Is your home group now online? Send the link to former members who have moved away and have a reunion!
  2. Did you move here from out of town and miss your old home group? GSO's list of "A.A. Near You" has local websites - they may be online now and you can get together with old friends.
  3. Ever want to try out A.A. meetings in other towns, cities, or countries? The English language site, A.A. Continental European Region, lists online English language meetings all over Europe. Use the "Countries" search box on the main site for other countries, too.
  4. Online Intergroup ( also has a large list of international online meetings by video, text, chat, and phone.

Remember to mute your microphone when you're online until it's your turn to speak - this reduces background noise for everyone!

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