Covid-19 virus graphic

Suggestions During Covid Isolation

Suggestions from GSO, Oregon Area 58, and our local shared experience.  It is important to note that your group conscience should always be the ultimate and final voice of how you address group needs. Some groups that are meeting in person are choosing the following:

  • Talking about the issues, focusing on the common welfare and primary purpose
  • Avoiding shaking hands or handholding
  • Considering not passing out coins
  • Making sure meeting tables are sanitary
  • Suspending food hospitality for the time being

If you are sick in any way, please stay home. Regardless of group decisions, each individual is responsible for their own health decisions.

Other plans if a group is temporarily unable to meet in person:

  • Create contact lists and keep in touch by phone, email, text, or social media
  • Meetings online by video or phone - many groups in the Portland area are creating online meetings by video or phone - see our Meetings list and search by "online" for Portland groups or check out the Online Intergroup.
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