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Oregon Area 58 September Service Assembly

Oregon Area 58 will be holding our upcoming General Service Assembly, which will be held virtually on September 18-20, 2020.  Please mark your calendars. 

Please spread the word for the upcoming assembly 
**DCM’s, please make sure to get this information out to all of your GSR’s** 

If you are new to Area 58 service, WELCOME!  If you are returning, WELCOME BACK. Working together: It’s important for making sure that ALL group members are informed. You are the voice at Area Assemblies. Your participation matters and is vital to the fellowship and AA as a whole.  This assembly is an election assembly for the following elected positions: 

Elected Positions: 

  1. Treasurer 
  2. Alternate Treasurer 
  3. Secretary 
  4. Registrar 

If you are considering making yourself available for any of these elected positions, be prepared to give a 2-minutes verbal resume. Please read the Oregon Guidelines for qualifications. 

Trustee At Large (US Member):   

We are putting forth a nominee from our Area to stand with other nominees to be elected for this position.  

Service Committees – what to expect. 

  • We are looking for candidates to rotate into the following service committees in November.  
  • Written resumes need to be submitted.
  • The deadline for submissions will be announced at the September Assembly.  
  • If you are considering standing for any of these position(s), and/or wish to see if you are qualified, please reference The Oregon Area Guidelines that are attached. 

Please do not submit your written service resume for any of the positions below as a “Google Form” has been created for you to fill out and submit, so that service resumes are not overlooked. 

  1. Accessibilities 2-year rotation 
  2. Archives – 8-year rotation 
  3. Cooperation w/Professional Community (CPC South Co-Chair) – 2-year rotation 
  4. Correctional Facilities Co-Chair (CF) 4-year rotation 
  5. Correctional Facilities Chair – this position will be a one-time 2-year commitment to fill the remainder of the term. 
  6. Finance Assistant Chair – 3-year rotation 
  7. Hospitals Co-Chair – 2-year rotation 
  8. IT Committee Webservant – 3-year rotation 
  9. IT Committee: Hardware and Software Support Coordinator – 3-year rotation  
  10. Public Information North Co-Chair (PI) – 2-year rotation 
  11. Treatment Facilities South Co-Chair (TF) 2-year rotation 
  12. Translations/Interpretation Co-Chair – 2-year rotation 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Area Chair at [email protected]

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