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Desafío de Área

En 2021:Número de miembros = 1,475,520Hacer que le OSG sean autosuficientes = $ 8,934,742 Así es como las Áreas cumplen con el reto de cubrir su parte de los costos de Servicios grupales durante el año: Los grupos recaudan $6.06…

$6.06 Challenge on 6/06

Area Challenge! What it cost us to operate A.A. in 2021: Number of Members 1,475,520 To make GSO self supporting $ 8,934,742 Here’s how Areas meet the Challenge to cover their own share of Group Services for a year: o Groups collect $6.06…

New Grapevine Book – “Fun in Sobriety”

Fun in Sobriety book cover image

Fun in Sobriety features 50-plus inspiring stories by members of Alcoholics Anonymous about the many ways they’ve learned to have a good time after putting down the drink. Chapters include travel, outdoor activities, arts & hobbies, social entertainment, fun-filled AA…

Big Book, 12&12 Now in ASL

ASL interpreter

Alcoholics Anonymous, a.k.a. “The Big Book”, and Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions are now available on the AAWS YouTube channel. The person in the photo above is a professional sign language interpreter, not an A.A. member.

Listen to the Big Book and 12 & 12

For blind alcoholics and anyone else with reading problems, or just to listen to in the car, GSO provides streaming audio books: Alcoholics Anonymous – the “Big Book” The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions Living Sober


Hotline Hotline volunteers keep the phones staffed 24-hours a day by taking calls from home and are often a newcomer’s first contact with AA. Qualifications One year current and continuous sobriety Must have a sponsor Must have a home group Must…

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