Public Information & CPC

Your help is needed to carry the A.A. message to the public and to professionals who may come into contact with alcoholics.

Cooperation with the Professional Community

Keeping the professional community that works with alcoholics, such as medical & treatment professionals, clergy, lawyers, educators & law enforcement, informed about AA.

Public Information

Public Information Committee provides panels to meet with the media, schools, clubs, and the general public and show videos (produced by the General Service Office), provide literature, contact information and answer questions about AA.


Tell YOUR story:

  • At schools (to students)
  • At DUI classes
  • At other groups where there may be a still-suffering alcoholic

Tell A.A.’s story:

  • At schools (to teachers and counselors)
  • At groups of doctors, lawyers, counselors, and other professionals who may have contact with a still-suffering alcoholic


We’ll add your name and contact info to our list of volunteers and will let you know about upcoming speaking opportunities.

Download the current PI/CPC flyer: