Veterans Outreach Committee

The Veterans Outreach Committee is veterans reaching out to veterans to carry the A.A. message of hope and recovery. We are concentrating our efforts at Veterans Administration facilities; most of our presence currently is literature on display at table boards or racks. Our goal is to be in every VA facility in the Portland Metro and Vancouver area and help facilitate Veterans to get a start in the A.A. program.

Currently we serve in-person at 2 facilities, each once a month. This is when we introduce a potential alcoholic to the meeting schedule and the Meeting Guide app. We answer any questions they may have and ensure that they have a way of contacting us directly or through the Portland Intergroup.

VA regulations have changed and a less stringent clearance is needed. Ward 5C has opened its doors to us. This is a lock down facility and only veterans are allowed in and only with an escort. A volunteer clearance is required to attend. Clearance forms are available through Leave a voicemail request to 971-236-3592 and a clearance form will be sent to you, or download the form here:

If you have questions, contact Chris C. at or call the Portland Area Intergroup office at 503-223-8569